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It is the most delicious app of the world that brings
everyone associated with food together. The Eatto App which has a to do list, food recipes and organization plan functions is the world’s most delicious app offering solutions to customers of every age and social group in their need of planning, communicating, socializing, having fun and enjoyment which they do as a part of their every day lives.


Why the Eatto App?


We make life and shopping easier!
The Eatto App is an app focused on social sharing.
It offers users the opportunity of doing their every day work easier and in a more fun way. It being a global app not only makes it social and fun but also enables it to contain variety of tastes. Besides, the profiles of many famous chefs give Eatto App users the opportunity to reach unique recipes and also to present their own recipes to master chefs.


The Eatto App for Chefs


It is an opportunity to develop business and become a brand. Eatto is a marketable media space for chefs who do a great job. The Eatto App, giving chefs a chance of domestic, national and global recognition enable them to transmit their name and recipes to the target audience they prefer. It is a good marketing field for chefs wanting
to exhibit their difference!

What can Chefs do with the Eatto App?
They can share their recipes on their own page, make a program, and communicate with their followers. Besides, they can make financial collaborations and receive sponsorships. With different language options they can increase their fame and raise their brand value. They can bring their talents together with cooperatives and reach a wide network of followers.


The Eatto App for Brands


Brands can make sponsorship deals with famous chefs; present their products about food to a wide social platform. By preparing sponsored lists, brands can offer it to user's experience, by integrating with the mobile sales channel they can easily meet with the target audience.

Meet the best way to communicate with your customers!

Eatto App offers a new, really fun world to your customers,
which will make their lives and shopping easier. Eatto App helps develop your customer profile and increase customer loyalty as a channel for sales increase. While becoming a part of our daily lives by mobilizing e-trade, the Eatto App becomes a practical mobile order point, which is also an important sales channel for your brands.


Welcome to Eatto App’s advantageous world!


Don’t miss out on the very special advantages of being the first to integrate into the Eatto App which will be active really soon! By preregistering you can possess the mobile order channel with very easy and advantageous opportunities. Be ready to introduce your brand to a whole new world with the Eatto App.